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Capacity building for better water management N° 29 - English version - February 2019 MANAGEMENT COOPERATION INFORMATION TRAINING EDITORIAL “Leaving no one behind” is the theme of the 2019 World Water Day. Hundreds of millions of people in the world still do not have access to safe drinking water and effective sanitation. Progress has been made, but remains fragile, in many regions of the world faced with increasingly obvious impacts of climate change, demographic growth, and uncon- trolled urbanisation. In France, constant updating of human competencies is crucial to accom- pany developments in technology and regulations. The water professions are being transformed by new digital technologies, and requirements for monitoring treatment and infrastructures are becoming stricter, calling for increased expertise and tools to disseminate information. Interconnec- tions between drinking water supply, effective sanitation and water resources management are more vital than ever, especially given climate change predictions that are already taking place. The robustness of the model established in 1964 has been proven. Progress can still be made, in particular to increase equity in the imple- mentation of the “polluter pays” principle. In any case, it is essential to give greater impetus to financial circuits assigned to preserving water resources, and now also biodiversity, at a time when France is facing a new set of challenges. On the international scene, water attracts increasing attention, but not enough to respond to issues like the needs of a growing population, expected economic, energy and agricultural development, and the indis- pensable preservation of the environment. We need to move faster, and to remember, in the words of Amin Maalouf, that “Time is not our ally, it is our judge, and we have already borrowed too much”. Eric TARDIEU Director General