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EDITORIAL At a time when IOWater is celebrating its 25 th anniversary, water mana- gement issues are still relevant all over the world. In France, the reorgani- zation of water and sanitation services is underway to adapt our manage- ment methods and tools. At the international level, the mobilization must remain total to achieve, in particular, the ambitions of Sustainable Development Goal 6 regarding access to water and sanitation. The effects of climate change are now clearly visible, not only in the regions of the world affected by a classic water deficit, but also in France and Europe. The extreme climate phenomena follow one another, the modification of the average levels of rivers, of rainfall, is accelerating; uncertainties increase. Reactions, either local or global, are essential, from the optimization of the operation of water systems up to better dialogue practices for water resources management in river basins. This action involves strengthening skills, developing information systems, sharing practices, mobilizing communities of stakeholders, adapting water governance, international solidarity, basin-wide solidarity, preser- vation and reclamation of aquatic biodiversity. Water is a vital challenge today that will increase tomorrow! Eric TARDIEU Director General MANAGEMENT COOPERATION INFORMATION TRAINING N° 28 - English version - February 2018 Capacity building for better water management