New squaliforms genera (Chondrichthyes : Squalomorphii) from the Paleogene of the Landes department (southwestern France)

Adnet, Sylvain / Cappetta, Henri / Reynders, Jozef - article in peer-reviewed journal - 2006
Among the numerous squaliformes collected in the Lutetian of the Landes department (southwestern France), two new genera and species are recognized: Squaliodalatias weltoni n. gen. n. sp. and Angoumeius paradoxus n. gen. n. sp. The dental morphology of the first one allows to place it close to the Dalatiidae. The phyletic relationships of the second taxon are less clear for the moment, because of its upper dentition which is unusual for such an advanced dalatiiform at the level of the lower dentition. These new taxa increase our knowledge on a group still poorly known in the fossil state because of its bathyal habitat, as well as on the radiation of deep water faunas, still too little documented.

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