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2014 training program for ”Industry”

Publié : Février 2013

In this catalogue 2014, the NWTC proposes 53 training modules, divided into 70 training courses on the following topics :

 Regulation on Classified Facilities for Environmental Protection, self-monitoring, hygiene and safety, pollution removal on polluted sites, etc. ;

 Drilling, pumping, maintenance and automation ;

 Production and distribution of industrial water, fire fighting system, internal network and health protection.

 Treatment of industrial effluents, odor removal and sludge treatment, valorization of biogas exploitation of a unit ;

 Effluent treatment in surface hardening ;

 Sustainable development, energy savings, carbon footprint, and industrial waste characterization and management.

The emergence of new professions, needing specialized skills, requires well-trained and qualified staffs.

Thus for 2014, NWTC has included two new courses in the catalogue carried out in cooperation with VWR International : high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), laboratory practice : the basics ; introduction to ion chromatography. 

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